Nia sharma diet

Most of the times she even takes a glass of juice with an egg white omelette. She finds regular roti sabzi as boring so goes for rice, every now and then.

Now she has kept herself complete away from the junk and oil-based food items. Nia also makes smart choices such as going for a glass of milk instead of guzzling coffee.

Nowadays, where every single person is trying to lose weight to be slim and trim and look their absolute best, television star Nia Sharma has even exceeded the fitness goals of some of the biggest Bollywood celebrities out there.

Nia Sharma Fitness Routine: So when Janhvi wore the dress, India's most popular Instagram style police called Janhvi Kapoor out for plagiarism. Jogging is what keeps Nia Sharma, energetic all through the day. Her lunch she takes little green vegetables and 1 bowl of dal.

Fitness Tips From ranking no.

Nia Sharma wears the exact same dress that Janhvi Kapoor was once slammed for!

For her diet, she prefers simple Ghar ka khana over other food as it is healthy and nutritious. Is Sade a vegetarian? This includes meat of all types including fish, fowl, non vertebratesgelatin, lard, rennet, carmine coloring; some say honey.

She is not at all a foodie in her words, she takes a lot of time to decide whether or not to eat outside food as it contains a lot of calories.

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She is popular among people with name Nia Sharma. Playing the lead role of Roshni in the Indian soap opera, Jamai Raja. Is Parshuram a vegetarian? With her passion of ice-skating and driving, and her rigorous workout routine that she balances with her shooting schedules, she is our one true role-model who is proving it time and again that women rule in every sense!

When it comes to diet, she absolutely refrains from junk food and focuses on eating home cooked food. She has also been seen doing dance workouts. Most importantly never make the mistake of skipping the meals especially breakfast because it is the start of the day.

The secrets of her well toned and perfect figure Nai Sharma fitness mantra 26 Apr, Her looks are on point, her style statement noteworthy and her outings worth noticing. I always dreamt of being a diva. Nia Sharma wears the exact same dress that Janhvi Kapoor was once slammed for!

Nia Sharma reveals reason of not going to 'Bigg Boss'

Nia also listens to her body; if her body wants rest she takes rest. But now over the last few months she become much diet conscious and much attentive about her figure as well.

Nia is a vegetarian but does take eggs sometimes for the required protein. She jogs to keep herself going for the day. Is egg vegetarian or non vegetarian?

· Nia Sharma reveals her workout regime, her healthy diet secrets only on TellyMasalaReleased on: April 03, Is nia sharma a vegetarian? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would you like to merge this question into it?

MERGE CANCEL. already exists as an alternate of this question. this is the most common. "I don't follow any gym regime" Nia Sharma A fit body does not always entail perspiration and heavy work-outs.

Even by just planning out a healthy diet pattern, Telly town actress NiaSharma sets a good example of maintaining a flawless body Author: Monica Varma. Nia Sharma is an Indian television actress.

She is known for her role Manvi in “Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai.” Check this page to know about her biography- age, family, & much more! 3/18/ · Nia Sharma is a big name in the industry now, Click on the video to know some of the most surprising things about her.

PlayingGaurav Chopraa on his. 2/12/ · Television diva Nia Sharma never fails to impress fans with her sizzling pictures. Every time she posts a new picture, the internet is taken by storm with her super-sultry pictures, especially her.

Nia sharma diet
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